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5 Ways to lose investors in less than 3 minutes

A private investor can "review" projects or interview between 500 and 1,000 entrepreneurs per year and end up investing in two or three at most. Which means you will spend hours and hours to entrepreneurs whose projects eventually will not invest .

The point is that even though you " meet " for an hour, that does not mean , first, to listen to you , and second, that the pitch or interview went well . A few minutes into the interview and the inverter has been disconnected and have lost interest .

Peters Cohan, from his own experience , underlines errors that can knock out your claims in the first three or four minutes.

1. A fast and messy introduction

An entrepreneur must start by answering with simple, concrete words to the following questions :

    WHAT? What problem are you trying to solve?
    WHAT ? Which means that problem for potential customers ?
    HOW? How you solve the problem better than the competition ?
    WHY? Why are you passionate about solving that problem

Experience shows that in general that there are solutions for problems and clients. If there is a difference between normal pitches and winning is precisely why deep understanding of the customer will buy the product.

Two . Lack of credibility

You have to persuade and convince the investor that you are or can be a winner , a leader, a CEO , if you're not lost .

Three . weak leadership

If the investor understands that the team raised or provided insufficient or inadequate to meet the project probably will not bet on it. If you're not able to unite around at the top to meet the project is that you lack leadership. You have to show you can create and lead a good team, the best.

April . Request an inadequate amount of funding

An investor must show that market size is sufficient for the return calculated and the amount requested or search .

May . Inability to demonstrate the potential for market leadership

The investor must demonstrate knowledge of the market, consumers , their criteria and their behaviors , and why these customers will choose from competition .

The apps technology or psychology?

He had to give a title to the plenary of EnrédateAlzira # , # Alzira June 21, 2013 and we came

" The apps ( persistent positive attitudes ) of the future "

The # Enrédate seeking networking and cooperation , and they do :

    in a direct way , through activities such as networking or B2B Speednetworking
    or, taking advantage of other activities such as workshops, samples of companies, self-diagnostics , etc. .

On the other hand , the plenary is the time when the protagonists of the Macrojornada , entrepreneurs , their experiences and offer answers to some of the questions that many entrepreneurs are :

    Success : what it is and how to live
    Undertake or intraemprender
    The age to undertake
    Technology or psychology
    Creativity or organized mediocrity
    Size : transaction costs or coordination
    Innovation and Value

And to expose their experiences and answer questions and concerns we have the following table :

Moderator: Gironés Salvador Gil , Head of Business Promotion Area IVACE . Speakers: - Juan Miguel Flores Martin, known artistically as JPelirrojo (formerly Fucking Redhead ) is a Spanish rapper and actor born in Madrid (Twitter : @ jpelirrojo ) - Carmen Picot, Executive of the Institutional Division of Consum - Gerardo Salvador , Co -founder and director of business development and LuQentia ecommaster.es (Twitter : @ gerard_salvador ) - Sergio Iborra , The Charred Craft Beer Manager .
More information on

How to be extraordinary, From 10 successful entrepreneurs

1. Be yourself (Tony Hawk, entrepreneur and shateboarding)
2. Do not just chase money (Dennis Crowley, founder of Foursquare)
3. Move your ass (Mark Cuban, Billionaire Tech)
4. Hire a team of extraordinary people (Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft)
5. Find who releases your idea (David Karp, founder of Tumblr)
6. Find the X factor in the culture of your company (Cher Wang, co-founder of HTC)
7. Knowing how and when to listen (Steve Case, co-founder of AOL)
8. Accept help when (Gurbaksh Chahal, serial entrepreneur) required
9. Rejection pssshhh (Barbara Corcoran, real estate entrepreneur)
10. Willing to fail (Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder)

Doing what you like . That's not working ( In English )

 One of my favorite presentations is to break false dilemmas , and situate including the following :

- Study or work . It was a question which we used to flirt when we were younger . It's a dilemma that must be broken because you have to start working soon , you have to take responsibility, and you have to pay the bills. That started it all, and then you have to keep studying lifetime. There should not exist or that dilemma.

- Work on own account or for others . I always say that self-employment . I do not want to leave it to my other life. That reminds me that "reserved the right of admission ." Well, they can select and dismiss me whenever they want, and I also have the inicitiva to dismiss them. I'm not saying you have to work as a freelance life , but you have to be "autonomous" life. MY life and career is mine. I do not understand this dilemma . I've always been self-employed , and have always been employed , but rarely have told me what to do. It reminds me of what Steve Jobs "Do not contract to tell you what to do but to do what you have to do.

And the can not continue to give to these false dilemmas , suddenly , I found another dilemma " Work or play ." I like it because you also have to break this dilemma. I play . I do what I like, and I always get passionate .

How to create your personal brand strategy 9 stages

Today, not "have" a "personal brand" transparent (accessible) is losing opportunities, but having, in addition to creating value for oneself can create value for others.

Transparency is one of the results of the new digital environment, despite the transparency laws that in fact is what they are trying to protect the opacity.

Sestyle has published a very interesting and enlightening about creating a personal brand strategy with the following nine steps infographic:

1. Who are you?
Two. How are you perceived?
Three. What do you get?
April. Create your brand
May. Create an ecosystem
6. Create your network
7. Create original content
8. Get involved and share
9. Listen and monitors
10. Be yourself: You relax and enjoy life

The last is mine

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Traveling to London , a multicultural experience

London is a very special city that is attractive to tourists from around the world with its fascinating cultural heritage. This translates to a constant demand for flights to London , both through the airlines as traditional .

Those planning to make purchases , take into account that it is essential to visit Harrods , a place worldwide for the excellent quality of its products.

The shopping and entertainment area of London for excellence is located in the West End , where are concentrated the Oxford Street , Piccadilly Circus, Soho and Trafalgar Square among others. Here there are many pubs , restaurants and shops of all kinds.

Another notable attractions in London are : the Tower of London , the London Bridge, the Abbey , Windsor Castle , London Eye , St Paul's Cathedral , the Tower Bridge and many historic buildings .

There are many activities you can enjoy during your stay , like strolling through Hyde Park , the largest green area in the heart of London , exploring Covent Garden , take a walk along the Thames , visiting the Tate Modern, or lost in the Borough Market - one of the most thrilling London markets .